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la vidéo Reggae, vidéo Nattali Rize - One People [Official Video 2017] de l'artiste Nattali Rize. Les vidéo de Dub,les vidéo de Reggae.

Les vidéos sont dans l'ordre de parutions et d'écritures de la plus récentes à la plus anciennes et permettent d'écouter, de voir en vid;éo une marjorité d'artistes, les plus grands de la planète Dub et reggae !



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Nattali Rize

Nattali Rize - One People [Official Video 2017]

video Reggae

Videos de : Nattali Rize

Video de l'artistes ;Nattali Rize - Nattali Rize - One People [Official Video 2017]

Video Credits : Directed & Shot by: Carlo Santone (@onerebelcreative) & Cesar Rodrigues. Edit: One Rebel Creative / Guillaume Agostini (AG Concept) Animation: Guillaume Agostini (AG Concept) BACO RECORDS • Label • Booking Agency • Publishing • Distribution DANAKIL • U-ROY • PROTOJE & THE INDIGGNATION • INNER CIRCLE YANISS ODUA • VOLODIA • NATTALI RIZE • MISTA SAVONA • THE SKINTS PAPA STYLE • PHASES CACHÉES • NATTY JEAN • BRAHIM NATTALI RIZE ON TOUR : Lyrics : Keep wakin' up now now, Rizing Up Yeah Yeah.... babylon you hypocritic enemy u create more problems than you've got the remedy. You're misleading and deceive My People endlessly then you wonder why mi neva want you next to mi. Your civilians are like slaves locked in servitude and the only way you keep them is to keep them from The Truth. While your institutions keep indoctrinate The Youth, We hear you speak of Hope and change then you leave no proof. babylon you're smart now this is more than true, but when The People wake on up they'll come straight after you. There's no escapin' from the plans we got set out for you, you'll see all Men Women and Children comin' after you! Life with you is illusion not reality and for anyone who wants some peace you name insanity. You subdue My People with stories and fantasies, false governments, false courts, false authorities in this... Iration, All Nations, One People, One Destiny, Iration, All Nations, One People, One Destiny... babylon you are a sickness to society, there is no other that could claim more notoriety, with all your chemical concoctions of variety, what you really seek is for My People to go quietly. But what They're really getting ill from is your mind control, it has diminished our Intelligence and numbed our souls. Manipulation of the masses is your only goal, u may have succeeded but the difference is now we know! So what u gonna do without our energy, cause now we're using it to make a brand new Energy. Yeah We infuse our meditation, our philosophy, learning to transcend beyond the Realms of this Reality yeh. so babylon it's over now it's time you go When one foundations are rotting you can go no more so lift your eyes and set your sights upon that door and get the f**k out our lives don't come back no more in this Iration, All Nations, One People, One Destiny, Iration, All Nations, One People, One Destiny... Music's the healer The healer It is the healer Music the healer The healer She is the healer Oh the healer In this Iration, All Nations, One People, One Destiny, Iration, All Nations, One People, One Destiny...

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Chroniques de Nattali Rize album : Rebel Frequency
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chronique de Nattali Rize pour album Rebel Frequency
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